Blending piano-led writing with rock and tinges of classical into her sound, her EP lays down her restrained, often ambient style that’s full of personal lyricism and delicate melodic leads…an immersive sonic journey on a worthy debut effort.” - Alex Stone


...a sensational work...” - Tati Teixeira


"We just hope it doesn’t take another 20 years for us to hear a follow-up to this thought-provoking masterpiece."” - Chrissie Joslin

YMX - Your Music Experience 

"The composition and songwriting on The Keep express pains, and desires while representing vulnerable human emotions with musical narratives."” - Rubin Mathias

Sinusoidal Music

...she uses the piano in a classic way to offer your ears a quality sound, rare, capable of giving you hope. and reassurance when you are in an undesirable situation.” - Info Music France

Info Music France

This is certainly a collection of pieces, that you definitely feel yourself getting lost in from the moment it begins to the very moment it ends. It hooks you in on everything it has to offer and continues to do so.”

Strike A Note