From the recording Father's Day (Acoustic Version)

Father’s Day
Words and music by Lan Miao

Self-recorded, mixed & mastered in Campbell, CA

Cover art:
Lan Miao & David A. Romero

For all missing fathers

Copyright © 2024 Lan Miao

Published by Twenty-Six Pigs


That day when you hung yourself
I went into the room and saw
My world crumbling down
And so the nightmares start
Fade away the shooting stars
My world crumbling down

On this Father's Day
I want to wish you away

Everything now seems okay
But you gotta know
It won't stay
Soon we're gonna have to pay

And it's not for me to say
What’s coming down —
Not my place —
But I can't stop feeling this way

On this Father's Day
I want to wish you away

Little flowers start to bloom
Little flowers then dry out
She never tried so hard

I'll start the downward slope
She's closing down
They all know
Everything must go

On this father's day
We decide it's time to change
Gonna throw it all away
Gonna start a brand new day
Gonna have to bury you
We're gonna camp out by your grave