Recording session with WAM

A couple of weeks ago I went into the studio - the Women’s Audio Mission in SF - to record some tracks. I finally listened to the songs this past weekend…and I’m not liking what I hear. I sound tense and formal, and sterile, like it’s too clean. Maybe I’m used to hearing myself on the iPhone recorder…

I was really nervous. I played each song a few times, and if I got the vocals right on one attempt, I would make some mistakes on the keyboard, I was so nervous in the end, and tired, I just wanted to wrap the session and head home.   (I had an aha moment re: my anxiety issues in therapy just recently..but that’s another story)

I also didn’t like the piano sound, especially the lower ends.  So, I did some home recordings on Saturday..I haven’t listened to them yet, because I’m nervous about the noise level - I decided to mic the keyboard as well because the aux in was just so noisy. I think i actually got the wrong cable…eh. 

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